Boreal - Diseño Gráfico y Editorial | Angela Galindo
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Choice of images of Ángela Galindo’s artwork in which I have collaborated by designing and  the composing layout

of dossiers for projects, and offering technical and professional assistance to convert ideas into the different materials

used by the artist, and enjoying/learning in the realm of creativity and art …


A maximum understanding of the idea, expressed with beautiful language

of the essential. That’s what I find in each of Aurora Pulido’s designs

I understand design as the essential embodiment of the idea …

but the idea can only be born, in turn, thanks to the deep knowledge of

language, and its creative application within the different

parameters of communication.

The ability of Aurora Pulido to address all the different

stages involved in the intellective process of design, is

largely proven through the extensive and genuine contribution of her work.



Junio 23, 2017

Editorial Design, Graphic Design